Funeral Services

Are you planning a funeral service or memorial service for your loved one? Reverend Richard Gordon, Houston Texas Minister and Officiant, offers a caring, professional presence for funeral services to be held in the Greater Houston area. Allow us to help you select the right inspirational wording to honor your loved one.

Minister for funeral services
The memorial service is an important part in the funeral service planning. Funeral homes typically do not include an Officiant or minister to deliver the eulogy for your family member or close personal friend. Reverend Richard Gordon presides over the funeral and internment and offers nondenominational funeral readings for those families that may not be affiliated with a particular house of worship.

Our Funeral Services
We assist you in making a memorable tribute. We plan the funeral reading in a way that reflects the beliefs, the life and the wishes of your dearly departed. Working together, we customize the celebration of your loved one’s life by helping you select funeral poems, prayers, and inspirational verses. We speak on behalf of your family to deliver a beautiful and dignified service to appropriately commemorate the life of a loved one who has passed away.

The minister you choose to conduct the service will play a large part in shaping the overall sentiment of the funeral service. We realize the importance of choosing a minister that will compassionately accommodate your needs.

Contact us or call today at 713-208-2025; Let us walk you through this difficult time in your life. You will find our cost comparable to other minister services in the greater Houston area.

Funerals help us to cope with the reality that a loved one has passed away. It provides a place for family and friends to come together to remember and celebrate the life of the dearly departed. Whether it was unexpected or anticipated, death is a part of life that we are never prepared for and shouldn’t have to experience alone.

Importance of Bereavement Support
Grief is our body’s natural way of healing our emotional injuries. It is an emotional, mental, and physical condition that is brought on by significant loss or the death of someone you love. While it is a personal process, many times the assistance of friends, loved ones, a spiritual guide, or a grief counselor is needed. Please do not hesitate to seek help from outside sources. It is important to heal your emotional injuries to ensure your mental health for yourself and for those that love and care about you.

Free Phone Consultation
Please contact me for a complimentary phone consultation and let’s find the right words to create a fitting tribute to your loved one. It is an honor to provide your funeral services needs in a way that brings piece and comfort to you, your family and to the friends of your loved one.

For additional information regarding funeral services in the greater Houston area, please contact us online or call 713-208-2025. Please also view our Minister Services blog for additional information on Funerals and Memorials and Readings by Richard.