Frequently Asked Questions

How can we select the right minister?

You have many options today, including well meaning individuals licensed via the internet. We believe it is very important you find someone with years of experience and a full-time ministry. It is equally important, however, to find a minister with the capacity to relate to you, someone with whom you feel a special connection and someone with a servant's heart who is genuinely interested in you as a person. Finding the right minister will give you peace of mind, knowing your special day is safely in caring, competent hands. You can read more about finding the perfect Wedding Officiant and more in the Minister Services Blog.

We would like to retain your services. What is the next step?

Please contact us and we will send you an information form which will assist us in developing a ceremony that fully meets your needs and expectations as well as a ceremony overview. You can also call us at 713.208.2025. You will see that the ceremony can be completely customized. This is your day and you can have exactly what you want! We are available to answer any questions that you may have about our services and would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you in depth about your needs and desires.

How do you dress during the ceremony?

We generally wear a black suit, roman collar and stole. Upon request, we will also don minister's robe over a suit for formal settings but can change our attire to suit your preferences. If you will tell us what is important to you concerning appearance, as well as every aspect of your ceremony, we will strive to provide exactly what you want.

How long is the ceremony?

Most wedding ceremonies and other types of ceremonies can be conducted in less than 30 minutes, depending upon your needs and desires. The ceremony should be only as long as you want it to be and is dependent upon many variables such as special readings, music, processions, etc. Each service is unique and we will work together to create a ceremony that meets your specific needs.

What is your fee?

The cost of each custom service reflects such variables as location, date, time and complexity of the ceremony. You can contact us or call us at 713.208.2025 with your individual details, we will immediately respond with a complete ceremony and pricing package. Once we agree upon the package, we request a non-refundable $100.00 deposit to reserve your date and time with the remainder of the fee due two weeks before the ceremony date.

What is the process for getting a marriage license?

Marriage license requirements are established by state law as administered by the local county clerk. Below are four websites for obtaining a marriage license. The first two websites are nationwide and the last two websites are for Houston, TX residents.

What are my legal requirements upon the death of a family member?

We recommend you visit the Texas Funeral Service Commission for complete information.

Do you perform many different types of ceremonies?

You name it…we have probably done it! Everything from formal, traditional Christian services to non-denominational, interfaith, spiritual, civil and alternative. We provide unique spiritual services whenever and wherever you want. From formal settings to boats, beaches and backyards we are prepared to customize each ceremony to meet your individual needs and desires.

If you are getting married we specialize in family and children ceremonies, second marriages, vow renewals and more. Your customized wedding will be exactly as you imagine it! Working together, we will create a memorable experience that truly reflects who you both are as individuals, as a couple and as a family.

What spiritual services do you provide?

As ordained ministers we offer a variety of services to meet your families' spiritual needs.

Wedding Ceremony Services

Baptism Services

Funeral Services

Marriage Ceremonies

Vow Renewals

Commitment Ceremonies


Baby Dedications

Baby Blessings

Funeral Ceremonies

Cremation Ceremonies

Memorial Ceremonies

Internment Ceremonies


Speaking Engagements

Is premarital counseling required?

Premarital counseling is not required. Our goal is to facilitate, not hinder, your marriage plans but we will be happy, upon request, to assist you in this area.

Should we have a rehearsal?

A rehearsal can be a valuable addition to your wedding plans especially if you do not have a wedding planner or have scheduled a medium to large ceremony with many participants. Small wedding, or large, a rehearsal can also provide much needed peace of mind to the couple and their families. If any of these apply, you may benefit from a formal rehearsal.

If, however, you decide to forgo a rehearsal, please know that we perform over 150 weddings each year and are, therefore, experienced, knowledgeable and prepared. We make sure we arrive at least 30 minutes before the wedding begins so we can make final preparations with bride, groom, attendants, family, photographers and DJs. We will do everything possible to insure your wedding is conducted exactly according to your wishes.

Is it appropriate to tip the minister?

It is not necessary to tip the minister, but, if you have been blessed with superb service and a wonderful ceremony please feel free to express your gratitude financially. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and to participate in this sacred event in the life of your family. This is an important part of our personal ministry and any additional support will be received with gratitude.