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Wedding Party

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Traditional Wedding Party

Planning a wedding ceremony is such as rewarding experience but as you have probably heard it can be very overwhelming! There are many ceremony options to choose from and it can be hard to know where to start. Many find that the best place to start is to make your list of those individuals who will be in your wedding party and then you can go from there. Below you will find a list of the roles that are typically included in traditional wedding ceremonies.

Officiant – This is someone who performs the marriage ceremony. This can be a priest, a justice of the peace, and rabbi, or a minister. This person must be authorized to perform weddings in your state. He or she will most often attend the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner the day before. He or she will also often say a prayer with both the groom and the bride separately before the ceremony begins.

Maid or Matron of Honor – This person offers emotional and logistical support to the bride, typically hosts the bridal showers, and bachelorette party, helps pick out the bridesmaid dresses and handles any additional wedding details as requested by the bride. This person typically provides a toast at the reception, holds the bouquet during the ceremony, adjusts the bride’s train at the altar, and helps the bride get dressed beforehand. She stands the closest to the bride, walks down the aisle before the bride and sometimes holds onto the grooms ring.

Best Man – This person in the wedding party offers support to the groom and ensures that the groom shows up on time to the wedding, he holds onto the rings for the ceremony, and gives a toast at the reception. He often will assist the groom with picking the attire for the wedding, hosting and organizing groomsmen activities, such as the bachelor party and pre -wedding day activities.

Father of the Bride – The bride’s parents typically forks over most of the cash for the wedding however these days, some couples pitch in themselves or have the groom’s parents help out. The father of the bride gives a toast at the reception may serve as a host to the entire event and it may coordinate flight schedules for out of town family that is attending. He also may ensure that all family members make it to the wedding site on-time. He also gets to enjoy the father and daughter dance at the reception.

Mother of the Bride – The mother of the bride’s role in the wedding party can vary so much from one wedding to the next that it really depends on each individual bride and mother. Some mother may act as the wedding planner; she may manage the budget, help pick out the wedding dress and the accessories, and be there for emotional support. Some mothers take more of a back seat role and simply enjoy attending the wedding, the showers, and the rehearsal dinner.

Father of the Groom – The grooms parents will often pay for the rehearsal dinner but it is not required. The father of the groom will typically host the rehearsal dinner and begin toasts at the rehearsal dinner to prep everyone for the big day. He may also help with minor logistics in assistance to the father of the bride.

Mother of the Groom – The mother of the groom may plan the rehearsal dinner with the bride if the groom’s parents are paying for the dinner. She may also help the Mother of the Bride with some of her responsibilities. She attends the bridal shower and enjoys the mother and son dance at the reception.

Bridesmaids – Bridesmaids in the wedding party are responsible for supporting the bride throughout planning the wedding day, whether that means helping with shower favors to addressing and stuffing wedding invitations. They also help plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party and are responsible for getting the dance floor going at the wedding reception.

Groomsmen – Groomsmen are responsible for supporting the groom in preparation for the big day. They help plan the bachelor party and decorate the getaway vehicle. They also may double as the ushers to escort wedding guests and they help the bridesmaids to get the dance floor going.

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl – The ring bearer is typically a young male child who walks down the aisle either alone or with the flower girl carrying a ring pillow to bear the rings. Don’t tie the real rings to this pillow! Many couples use fakes in case something happens. The flower girl is typically a young female child who also walks down the aisle before the bride and scatter flower petals down the aisle from a basket she carries.

This list provides the list of the main roles included in a traditional wedding party. There are however additional roles that are also included. These may include junior bridesmaids or groomsmen, candle lighters, ushers, honorary attendants, and readers or singers participating in the wedding ceremony.

For more information on how to create the perfect wedding ceremony, please contact us at Houston Minister Services or continue to view other articles in our Minster Services blog.

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