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Wedding Ideas

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Wedding Ideas that Save You Money

Make your own invitations.
Some brides are using reply postcards instead of the traditional cards and envelopes for their wedding invitations. Postcards save the expense of envelopes, they are cheaper to mail, and can be a fun alternative to the usual.

Have your wedding during the off-season and on a day other than Saturday.
The wedding off-season is typically October through April meaning that some wedding service providers offer discounts when it is slow and they have fewer wedding ceremonies booked. Also, if you hold your wedding on a Friday or Sunday, many caterers, halls, and other wedding service providers will offer a discounted rate. Just be sure to ask and don’t expect them to necessarily offer this information up front!

Skip wedding favors.
One of the most popular wedding ideas these days is that many brides are scrapping the wedding favors altogether. Unless you are getting more expensive wedding favors, then chances are you are spending cents to the dollar per person but a whole lot altogether. Do you even remember what the wedding favor was at the last wedding you attended? Most people don’t! Most brides and grooms feel that providing food, an open bar, along with entertainment, is very generous and guests will appreciate it.

Wedding gown alternatives.
Brides on a tight budget these days are opting to buy a used wedding gown, shop the outlet stores, shop on Craig’s list, eBay, and some are borrowing a wedding dress! Others find a nice bridesmaid dress they like and they order it in a cream or white color. With our current economy you can find a deal on almost anything online as well as great wedding ideas and ceremony options. Brides are getting more creative than ever and no one will ever know unless you tell them!

Borrow your accessories.
Many brides are utilizing their bridesmaids and others in the wedding party, in more creative ways. Between the mother, mother-in-law to be and bridesmaids, there has to be an array of earrings, necklaces, purses, shoes even, that you can find that will look great with your wedding gown. You can even borrow a veil, or tiara from previous brides-to-be. It is a way for them to contribute in a special way to your wedding ceremony and you will definitely have the “something borrowed” piece taken care of!

There are many more wedding ideas that you can find online and your wedding officiant shouldbe able to provide some ideas for you as well as it relates to the actual ceremony. For more information on how Houston Minister Services can help you to create the perfect wedding ceremony please contact us at 281- 208-2025 and please continue to view other articles in our Minster Services blog.


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