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Unity Sand Ceremony

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The Unity Sand Ceremony that occurs during wedding ceremonies is becoming more and more popular each day. As more families these days are blended, Wedding Officiants are adding this as a standard part of the wedding ceremony as a way to symbolize the creation of not only two hearts, but of a new family. Children often find it as a way to partake in the special day and parents find it is a great way to include their children and make them feel just as important as the wedding day itself.

The meaning of the Unity Sand Ceremony is the blending of the different colors of sand to represent the union of family. This ceremony was originally used in many beach weddings but now is used in weddings of all types including garden weddings, church weddings, and more. It is also seen as an alternative ceremony option to the unity candle ceremony for those weddings that are held outside. The unity candle can easily blow out in those weddings so the Unity Sand Ceremony serves as a safe and fun alternative.

Many believe that the sand ceremony began with the Hawaiians while others believe that this tradition began with the Native Americans. Either way, it is seen by many to be romantic and mystical. It is also seen as a great keepsake for couples and for families. You can find vases online that can be engraved with the date of the wedding as well as the names of the family members. the vase holding the sand can sit out on your mantle on display as a reminder of the wedding day and of the family commitment made. It also serves as a great way to keep that wedding date fresh in your mind!

If you decide to perform the sand ceremony there are a few things that you need to add to your wedding checklist. You will need to decide how much sand you will need and the different colors of sand that you will want to use. This can depend on how many people will be pouring the sand as well as the colors that you choose for your wedding. The amount of sand will also determine what you choose to pour it into. The volume will determine how big this vase must be. You don’t necessarily even have to use a vase. Some brides and grooms will use a large sea shell and pour from two smaller shells in order to be creative. It is completely your decision as this is a unique representation of your new family.

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