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Beach Wedding

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There are more and more couples these days that are choosing to have a beach wedding that is typically a smaller and more intimate affair. Weddings that take place on a beach are seen by many to be more romantic and casual as well as beautiful. There are many wedding ideas available that are fun and that can be personal to the couple getting married. In today’s article we discuss beach theme invitations, beach wedding décor, as well as other ceremony options.

Beach Theme Invitations
Couples can really have fun with creating these invitations. Couples can include a picture of themselves at a beach and/or make that the background for the invitation. The invitations could include a seascape background, shells, or palm trees. Couples can also put a small amount of sand into the guests’ wedding invitations. Another neat idea could be the “message in a bottle” theme where the invitation is actually sent in a bottle to guests.

Beach Wedding Décor
Some ideas could be to pass out hand-held decorative fans to the guests as they arrive. You can find these fans on various sites online in various shades and patterns. An alternative to hand-held fans could also be a palm leaf handed out to guests to keep them cool. Exotic flowers that are native to the location of the beach wedding add color as well as tropical fruit scented candles for the guest tables. You can scatter various sea shells on tables for decoration as well as include sea shell place card holders. Another neat idea is to have coconut drinking cups for more casual receptions. Some couples will use garlands of shells to decorate guests’ ceremony chairs as well as coral, sand dollars, and/or starfish. The wedding cake could also be a key lime or pineapple flavor with some sort of white coconut frosting.

Beach Wedding Attire
As you can imagine the theme should be lose fitting, flowing, natural attire. Many brides choose a halter, strapless, or off the shoulder dress with an empire waist. As for the wedding party, many dress in white along with the bride and groom, while others may wear a solid color such as ocean green, sky blue, or sandy beige.  As for shoes many opt to wear either flip flops, sandals, or they go barefoot. Just remember that flip flops can be noisy and messy with sand, so be sure that it works with the setting of your wedding ceremony.

Other details to consider include the music, unity ceremony as well as the time of day that you choose to have your beach wedding ceremony. You should avoid having your wedding in the afternoon when it is hottest and aim to have it either early morning or at dusk to get the best photographs and happy guests. Many wedding ceremonies that take place on the beach also include music such as reggae with Caribbean type instruments, such as the steel drum or bamboo flute. Additionally many couples opt to perform a sand ceremony instead of a unity candle ceremony due to often windy weather that takes place by the beach.

For more information on how to create the perfect wedding ceremony or if you are in need of a wedding officiant, please contact us at Houston Minister Services or continue to view other articles in our Minster Services blog.

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