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Memorial Service

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Holding a memorial service instead of or in addition to a funeral is becoming more and more common these days. They differ in that funerals typically have the remains of the deceased present whereas a memorial service typically does not. Services are typically held within one week of death however it can be postponed to a later date if required by the family. Additionally, for circumstances that require very large amounts of people, this type of service can be held, and then a smaller funeral for the family may take place at a later date.

A service of this type is typically more informal than a funeral. Those attending will talk with each other and exchange stories and recollections of the deceased. Often complete strangers will introduce themselves as well to share their personal stories of the deceased. Additionally, friends and family members may speak and music may be played as well. There may also be a register to sign where those attending can write a brief comment about the deceased. Sometimes attendees receive a memory card in which they can write a memory about the deceased as well. This type of service is thought of as a celebration of the deceased’s life.

For those who have lost a loved one and who have had to plan the funeral services for the deceased, you know if can potentially be very difficult. Family and friends also want to honor the deceased but may not agree on how it should be done. Grief and stress can make these very important decisions even more challenging. For this reason and others, many people document their wishes for how they would like their own funeral handled in order to make it easier for those family and friends left behind. At one time many thought this a little unconventional; however it is becoming more and more popular. The clearer your wishes are outlined, essentially the easier it is for your loved ones to grief.

The minister you choose to conduct your funeral or memorial service will play a large part in shaping the overall sentiment of the funeral service. We realize the importance of choosing a minister that will compassionately accommodate your needs. Please contact us for a complimentary phone consultation and let’s find the right words to create a fitting tribute to your loved one.

Please call Minister Services today at 713-208-2025; Let us walk you through this difficult time in your life. Please also continue to view other articles in our Minster Services blog for more information.


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