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Planning Your Own Funeral

While planning your own funeral is not exactly something you want to think about, more and more people are doing it. Many want to relieve their family of the burden so that they can focus on grieving rather than funeral services details when the time comes. In fact, many people now view it as a part of their estate planning or as an extension of their will.

Planning ahead for funerals prevents those that are left behind from experiencing the pressure to create a memorial service that is fitting. It can be very stressful for loved ones who are facing time constraints to make preparations while they are experiencing strong emotions. Many feel a sense of relief when their loved ones have made arrangements so that they have the comfort knowing that their loved ones last wishes were met.

Arrangements that are typically made in advance include items such as where your remains will be buried, entombed or scattered. You will also need to decide where you will have a memorial service if different from the burial location. Just be sure that your preferences are in writing and that your family has a copy as well as your attorney.

Funerals can also be costly and that is why many people are opting to prepay for the costs so that their family does not bear the burden. Individuals must be sure however to check on the laws in their state regarding prepaying funeral costs. Some states offer protection to ensure that advanced payments are available when needed while other states offer little to no protection.

Making preparations ahead of time help you make well informed decisions so that you can choose specific items and compare pricing. Too often family members are left to make financial decisions when they are not in the best frame of mind to be making such decisions. Funerals can be preplanned and prearranged directly with the funeral establishment or a memorial society. Memorial societies are very helpful in that they offer information about funeral planning but they are non-profit and don’t offer actual services.

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