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Funeral Wake

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You will often see the announcement of a funeral wake for someone who has passed away in their obituary.  It is very common for a wake to be held two days prior to the funeral services in order to provide loves ones with a chance to say goodbye and to gather together for support. The wake will either be open casket where loved ones can actually touch and speak directly to the deceased, or it is closed casket.

The wake is seen as a time for loved ones to gain a sense of closure and it can either be a private or a public ceremony. This information along with other information regarding the funeral arrangements is typically provided in the obituary as well. It helps to set the expectations required of the deceased’s family and it keeps people from contacting the funeral home to find out the details.

Many are using the wake as a time to celebrate the life of a loved one as they would during a memorial service. More and more funerals are customized these days in a way that is more reflective of the deceased’s life and wishes. Regardless of the type of service that is conducted for the funeral wake, attendants are present to offer support and to honor the deceased.

Guests will typically sign a registry book as they arrive which includes their names and address. This is for the family members who may wish to send a thank you note. People will also send flower arrangements as well to the wake in addition to the actual funeral. The immediate family of the deceased will spend the majority of their time by the casket whether it is open or closed. The final viewing of the body is seen as a sign of respect, although it is not mandatory to view the body. Many feel however that it is expected if you attend the funeral wake.

If you have small children with you, keep in mind that some may be frightened while others may not. Talk with them beforehand to get a feel for how they may react, but don’t assume that they shouldn’t participate in the viewing. Depending upon their age, this may be an important time for closure for the children as well.

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