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Funeral Readings

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Funeral Readings Information

Many individuals choose to read poems or other funeral readings at a memorial service because they can have a positive affect on the service. Readings that express overwhelming feelings and that apply to the deceased can also be very uplifting and can help with bereavement. If can be very difficult to find a fitting reading when you are grieving for the loss of a loved one so many will turn to books, the bible, poems, or songs, or other sources.

There are so many to choose from and readings can also be quotes from popular literary sources, quotes from poems, or even quotes from songs. Some people may choose to come up with their own custom reading just as someone would write a eulogy. This is perhaps the most thoughtful and creative part of making funeral arrangements, but it is also one of the most important parts of planning funerals.

Many feel that funeral readings help the family and relative of the deceased to cope with the death of their loved one. They also see these readings as a sort of emotional relief as they may receive a different perspective of the sad day. The readings should provide words of comfort that are true to the character of the deceased.

There are numerous readings that are written by famous authors and poets, song writers and there are many that were written by anonymous people. Many readings are quotes or passages from the bible or poems written by loved ones. When selecting a reading as part of the funeral services it is important to ensure that you choose something that will not be too overwhelming or upsetting to those attending. It is a time to use extra caution and sensitivity. The funeral readings are perhaps one of the most important parts when funeral planning.

Below is a reading that was written anonymously.

Prayer of Faith
We trust that beyond absence there is a presence.
That beyond the pain there can be healing.
That beyond the brokenness there can be wholeness.
That beyond the anger there may be peace.
That beyond the hurting there may be forgiveness.
That beyond the silence there may be the word.
That beyond the word there may be understanding.
That through understanding there is love.
Author Unknown

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