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Funeral Planning

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Funeral Planning Help

When planning a funeral the purpose is to give meaning to that person’s life and it is an opportunity for friends and family to gather and remember the deceased. Funeral planning is an extremely emotional process especially if death comes unexpectedly. There are financial matters and legal matters to consider that can be hard to cope with while you are coping emotionally. Many individuals prefer to plan their own funeral if they are facing illness or are elderly.

Below we provide a list of funeral arrangements that must be addressed when planning a funeral or memorial service.

Step 1: If at all possible, plan ahead. This of course can only be done for those funerals that are expected due to illness or if you are planning your own funeral services. It is harder to make important decisions when you are also grieving the loss of a loved one. You can also save money and plan your own funeral to help relieve the burden that can be imposed on those relatives and friends left behind.

Step 2: Cover the Cost. If you are planning your own funeral in advance, you can set up a POD account. This stands for payable-on-death and you assign a beneficiary to handle the funeral planning and financial arrangements. Again, this is an option for the elderly or for those faced with illness and it is way to relieve financial burden on family members.

Step 3: Document your Wishes. Many people opt to document their wishes and file it at home so that it is easily accessible to a loved with whom they expect to carry out their wishes. This ensures that your wishes are carried out and helps family to feel good about the decisions made with regards to your service. Don’t keep it locked away or in a safe deposit box. This can make it difficult to access by family members and can be timely.

Step 4: Decide on a Funeral Director. You can contact various funeral directors in your area to compare services and prices when funeral planning. You should also discuss any cultural or religious preferences that should be a part of the service. They typically direct you to a minister that can perform the funeral or memorial service as well, if you haven’t already selected one.

Step 5: Flowers or Donations in Lieu. Decide whether or not donations should be made to a charity in lieu of flowers. This request can either be by word of mouth or can be requested in the obituary. Ensure that instructions are included on where to send the donations when funeral planning.

Step 6: Remains of the Deceased. The decision of what should be done with the deceased’s remains must be addressed. There are three main options including burial, entombment, and cremation.

Step 7: Tailor the service. This last step is very important when funeral planning and will set the overall tone for the memorial service. The funeral should be tailored so that it is fitting for the person who is deceased. Some prefer a non-conventional service that celebrates the life of the deceased, while others may prefer a more traditional funeral that is more conservative and focuses more on saying goodbye. There is no right or wrong answer when planning this part of the service.

If you find yourself in need of a minister to walk you through this difficult time in your life please call Minister Services today at 713-208-2025; Let us walk you through this difficult time in your life. Please also continue to view other articles in our Minster Services blog for more information such as how to write a eulogy.


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