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Funeral Insurance

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More and more of our older population are making their own funeral arrangements. They do this in order to relieve their family members of some or the entire financial burden that could fall on their shoulders and many want to ensure that their funeral goes according to their wishes. It is for these reasons that funeral insurance has become a necessary part of funeral planning.

Another reason that many are choosing to go this route is due to rising funeral costs. The average costs for today’s funeral is anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 not including an underground burial. This fee of course can vary depending upon where the burial will take place. Not to mention some deceased may want to be buried in a family plot or taken to another state for burial. Not only has the cost risen but interest in planning funeral services has increased as well. Many would like to participate with planning the funeral as well as deciding which products and services will be included. Paying for these things in advance lock in the details, cost and ensure that wishes are met.

Those looking to plan their own memorial service and pay for funeral insurance must ensure that they do not fall prey to insurance scams or ridiculously high premiums. There are some people in this industry that look to take advantage of the elderly. To prevent this from happening, our elders should have another family member participate in this process if they think it is necessary. Basically, just be sure that you do your due diligence.

Previously, many funerals were funded through the use of trusts however there are tax liabilities involved with that method which is why many choose to go this route instead. Many people find it is easier and makes more sense to add a small amount of coverage to their current life insurance policy specifically designed to cover costs for their funeral.

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