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Funeral Etiquette

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Funeral Etiquette for Family and Friends of the Deceased

Funerals and memorial services serve as an opportunity to commemorate the life of a loved one who has past away and is a way for friends and family to say goodbye. The service is a necessary part of the grieving process because it helps family and friends to come to terms with the fact that their loved one has passed away.

There are some general guidelines for funeral etiquette for guests as well as for those who are making the funeral arrangements.

Expressing Sympathy: When expressing sympathy most find it best to keep is short and simple. Many simply say they are sorry for the loss which is perfectly fine to say. Don’t feel as if you have to say a lot. More times than not, most people who have just lost someone are at a loss for words. Sometimes you are needed to simply listen to what family and friends of the deceased have to say and you don’t need to say much at all.

Attire: The standard in funeral etiquette has been to wear dark colors, or otherwise clothing that will not stand out. You should try to keep your clothing simple but not too casual. Most opt to wear black as this is most always appropriate.

Offer Assistance: If you are able, it is always appreciated if you offer assistance to help with child care, picking up out-of-town relatives, food gifts, or other things. When it is a sudden death your gesture may be especially helpful.

Funeral Etiquette for the Bereaved

Thank You Notes: For family members who have taken care of funeral planning and all of the arrangements, it is common funeral etiquette to send a thank you card to those friends who sent a gift, flowers, food, or a card to the family. Attendants do not need to receive a thank you note, but those friends who may have helped with transportation or any arrangements should receive a thank you note as well. Typically thank you cards are sent within two weeks of the funeral services.

Clergy: It recommended that a personal note is sent to thank your clergy person. If you send an offering or honorarium, then send it separately from the thank you note in another envelope.

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