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Funeral Customs

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Funeral customs vary among different countries and cultures, yet the focus remains unchanged; honoring the deceased and sharing memories with family and friends. In the United States the process frequently contains three parts; the visitation, the funeral service, and burial.

Visitation includes a gathering of family and friends and may include viewing of the body. Alternatively, photos are placed within the room without a viewing. The actual funeral services are either in family home, or church, where spiritual and personal stories are shared. The burial itself is held graveside with friends and family, or by personal request of the family only. Our friends in Europe and Canada hold very similar ceremonies.

Depending upon individual cultural backgrounds and beliefs there are differing memorial services. Someone from New Orleans may be honored with a Jazz Funeral, complete with music and dancing in celebration of the life of the departed. Several cultures believe a funeral wake shows great respect of the deceased with a party-like celebration of their life.

Funeral planning varies widely depending upon personal funeral customs passed down throughout the year. Personalized funerals are gaining popularity and there is less formality than in previous years. The importance of any funeral is the opportunity to gather together to honor the deceased and support one another in the passing of a friend. Less attention is paid to funeral etiquette with an increasing list of new funeral traditions added each year.

Whether you choose a ceremony steeped in traditional beliefs, or an informal gathering, all provide a sense of closure as we acknowledge the loss of someone dear to us. We are here to assist you in making a memorable tribute in a way that reflects the beliefs, the life and the wishes of your dearly departed. Working together, we customize the celebration of your loved one’s life.

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