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A Wonderful Life

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This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth; you shall meditate on it day and night. (Joshua 1:8)

This is a story about a king and a wise man. The king didn’t like this wise man. He was too popular with the people and the king was jealous. The king tried to think of a way he could make the wise man look bad.

One day he hit upon a scheme. He summoned all his followers, and sent for the wise man. The king asked the wise man, “Oh, wisest of men, tell me this. I have the tiniest of birds cupped between my hands. I command you to tell me if the bird is alive or dead?”

The wise man realized that if he said, “Alive,” the king would give one quick squeeze and the bird would be dead. If he said, “Dead,” the king would simply open his hand and release the bird. The king would use either answer from the wise man to make him look bad. The wise man pondered for a moment. The king grew impatient. “Well,” demanded the king, “Is the bird alive or dead?” The wise man replied, “The choice is in your hand, your Majesty. The choice is in your hand!”

Do you know how much God loves us? He loves us so much that he has let us decide completely what we do with our lives, with the things we own, with time, with everything in this world. The choice is in our hand. But he has provided us with a book of wisdom that tells us the best possible way to live our lives. It is called the Bible. This book tells us how to have a life that is wonderful.

Wonderful, that is the kind of life God wants for each of us. The choice is ours!

Loving God, give me the heart to have a wonderful life and to share it for your honor and glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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