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The Role of Godparents

When a baby is baptized, the parents typically select godparents. The godparents are typically one male and one female and they are usually a practicing member of the faith in which the baby is being baptized into. While most choose two godparents only one is really necessary. The job of the godparents is to take on responsibilities during the actual baby christening ceremony and ensure that the baby will be brought up according to their religious beliefs. 

Additionally the godparents should take a special interest in the child and assist the parents in a supportive way through their child’s upbringing. They are usually close friends or family, have a sincere interest in the baby and have a high moral character that give them the capacity to act as a role model for the child. They also vow to protect the child, support the child , and set an example for the child in their lifestyle according to their religious beliefs.

Godparents came about originally in order to represent babies that cannot make choices or answer questions themselves during their own christening. Now, however, their role is much more. They are spiritual guides and mentors that choose to be there for the child throughout their life. It is not a legal commitment and it does not make you a legal guardian.

The Christian responsibilities include praying for your god child regularly, setting an example by living a good Christian life, helping the child to grown in their faith of God, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, and to encourage the child to follow Christ and to fight against evil. Additionally, some believe it is the role of the godparents to ensure that their god child attends church regularly, even if that means physically taking their god child themselves! This of course is not a requirement.

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