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Baptismal Gift Ideas

There are wonderful gift ideas for those who have either been invited to a baptism or for those who may be hosting a baby blessing ceremony or christening for their own child. Gifts serve as a great keepsake for the baby as well as for the parents. They provide a great way for the baby to always remember the day when he or she officially became a member of God’s family.

Since the ceremony is truly such a special event you may want to consider buying a gift that is personalized. You can spend hours upon hours searching the internet for potential gifts so below I provide a list of gifts that are truly special and unique.

Children’s Bible – These include bible stories and illustrations suited to appeal to children and to teach children important lessons about faith and morals. They can often be personalized on the front cover to include the child’s name and work as a great keepsake.

Picture Frame – This frame can be engraved and can include a photo of the baby on the day of their dedication in their christening gown or it can include a special baby blessing prayer.

Christening Plates – You can find plates on line that are hand painted and personalized to include your baby’s name and age at the time of their baptism, or their birthday. It can serve as a keepsake or as a decorative piece to your baby’s room.

Jewelry – Another great baptismal gift is jewelry which can include earrings, a ring, a necklace, and can include a rosary. It can be a baby’s first cross necklace to compliment the christening gown, or a personalized bracelet that can include the baby’s name. Some jewelry items can come with a keepsake jewelry box to make it even more special.

Cross Plaque – Some include this to hang on the child’s wall to serve as a reminder of God and they can come in varieties of wood and porcelain. Some will display a prayer with the child’s name as well, but there are many varieties available.

Baptism Candles – These can be personalized as well and are found online. They typically include the baby’s name, date and location of the ceremony and they come in a variety of different colors.

Photo Album – This is a very popular baptismal gift that can be personalized and is a great way to showcase treasured photos from this special occasion.

Porcelain Baby Shoes – These delicate porcelain shoes can be personalized for a boy or a girl and typically include their name, birth date, or date of the christening and the baby’s weight at birth. You can find special hand-painted baby shoes online as well that are a great keepsake.

Embroidered Afghans – These throws are a very popular christening gift idea that can be personalized to commemorate the baby’s special day.

Prayer Teddy Bear – These teddy bears are very special and can be found online. They are unique stuffed animals in which the child can learn the prayer that it recites.

The above list only a handful of many special gifts that will work regardless if it is for a baby’s baptism, christening, baby blessing ceremony or naming ceremony. These gifts are great no matter the ceremony, and are gifts that can be cherished always by the child as the child grows spiritually.

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