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Baby Dedication

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Bringing a new life into the world is a forever life changing experience and one that has no comparison. Many families choose to conduct a baby dedication or baptism as a way to make a commitment before friends, family, and God to raise their child according to God’s word. There are various ceremonies that can be conducted including a baby christening, a naming ceremony and a baby blessing ceremony. Whatever the type of ceremony, it is one that will forever be cherished and marks a special time in a child’s life.

A baby dedication is a ceremony where parents and other family members commit to submit a child to God’s will and to raise the child according to God’s ways. This type of ceremony is viewed differently than a baptismal or christening ceremony. This dedication is a commitment made by the parents until the child can make the decision on his or her own accord. A baptism is seen as the practice that washes away original sin, and makes the baby a part of God’s family. Baptisms are offered by many religions as a way to relieve the fears of parents. Some parents feel better knowing that their child is baptized although there are mixed feelings and emotions surrounding this issue. A baby dedication has become a way to conduct religious ceremonies in a way that accommodates most views.

Some of the responsibilities involved with this type of ceremony include training and teaching the child God’s word in a way that demonstrates examples of godliness. It also involves the disciplining of a child according to God’s way as well as praying for the child. The ceremony is typically quite simple and the minister asks the parents about their intent and then follows with a prayer. The parents can also write their own personal vows, or the minister can ask the parents to repeat specific vows.

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