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Baby Christening

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There is so much to think about when you are preparing for your child’s baptism that it can be a bit overwhelming. Below we provide a baby christening ceremony checklist to help make it easier for you and to keep you organized.

Baby Christening Ceremony Checklist

  • Ceremony Location
  • Date and Time
  • Officiant & Contact Information
  • God parents and/or Guardians
  • Reception Location (if different from ceremony location)
  • Guest List, Invitations, Menu, Decorations, Favors
  • Photographer & Photo Requests (professional or family friend)
  • Baby’s clothing
    • Options can include a dress, gown, or another outfit. (Keep in mind that the baby’s outfit should be comfortable so that they baby is more likely to cooperate during the christening ceremony)
  • Baby’s hat or bonnet
    • Options can include a white headband or a soft liner cap to be worn under the bonnet to protect from oil, water and perspiration.
  • Baby’s change of clothing for after the ceremony
    • This is important in order to preserve the baptismal gown and bonnet from additional soiling. (This also allows your baby to be more comfortable so that you enjoy the celebration more)
  • Baby Christening Accessories
    • Shoes – matching shoes
    • Socks – these are often plain or decorated with lace to match the gown.
    • Bib – this is a very important accessory as it will protect the bodice from soiling which tends to stain yellow over time.
    • Blanket – keep in mind the temperature and time of year. Many have a light weight blanket available just in case.
    • Scripture – some families keep a bible or set of scripture as a keepsake.
    • Candle
    • Towel – for use to wipe the baby’s head after the ceremony.
    • Memory Book – a place to put pictures of the special day and any details of the day as well.
    • Certificate – this can serve as a wonderful commemorative and can be framed as a keepsake.
    • Picture Frame – special personalized picture frame with the date and name of child who is being baptized. (This can also be a nice gift for godparents)

This baby christening checklist covers the major items that most parents provide during this very special day. Please contact us for a complimentary phone consultation and let’s discuss your requirements and the type of ceremony you wish to have.

Please allow Minister Services to create a baby christening ceremony that you and your family will cherish forever. Please also continue to view other articles in our Minster Services blog for more information.

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