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Baby Ceremony

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Baby Ceremony Ideas

There are different types of baby ceremonies that many families are now looking into conducting when they add a new addition to their family. Some of the more traditional baptism and christening ceremonies have been replaced or changed into a different type of ceremony that may be more fitting for the family. These changes may be religious, cultural, or dictated by personality and/or a blending of all of these factors. In today’s article we will discuss different baby ceremony ideas that parents have started to look into, but we first discuss the traditional definition of a baptismal and or christening.

Baptism – the baptism is a ceremony or a sacrament that admits a person into Christianity.

Christening – a christening is the actual act of baptizing and giving a name to an infant.

Baby Naming Ceremony – the baby naming ceremony is a ceremony in which the parents promise to support their child and to protect their child and where they publicly name their child. It is a celebration of the birth of the child and family, godparents and special friends will also make promises to care for the baby as well. An officiant typically leads the ceremony and the baby is identified as a unique individual. Sometimes if the name has significant meaning, this meaning is explained as part of the ceremony.

Baby Dedication – the baby dedication is a ceremony that can accommodate most views. The parents, god parents, and other special guests will commit to surrendering the child to god and to raising the child according to God’s ways. The baby dedication serves as a baby ceremony that commits the parents until the child is able to make the commitment on his or her own accord. There are alternative views when it comes to baptizing babies. Some feel that a baby cannot make that kind of commitment, but there are parents who feel better knowing that their child is baptized. The baby dedication has evolved as a way to accommodate various religious and personal views, even though there are mixed emotions regarding the issue.

Baby Blessing Ceremony – the baby blessing ceremony is perhaps another way to describe a baby dedication ceremony. It is more customized to accommodate non-traditional religious views. It serves as another way for parents to acknowledge their child’s birth through a less formal gathering. Families can conduct this type of baby ceremony in order to accommodate their own personal beliefs.

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