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Baby Blessing

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Baby Blessing Ceremony

More and more parents are opting to perform a baby blessing ceremony or naming ceremony in place of the more traditional baptism or baby christening ceremonies. More and more couples are of different religious backgrounds and are blending families, and less have ties to a particular church. As a result, many families opt to tailor their religious ceremonies to reflect their own personal beliefs.

These new types of baptismal ceremonies are becoming more and more popular as more families choose to create ceremonies that make sense to them spiritually and on a more personal level. There is also a rise in interfaith ministers who help to perform such ceremonies whether it is for baptism purposes, or for wedding ceremonies, and also funeral services. Many feel that this is due to the rise of secularism as more Americans consider themselves unaffiliated with religious traditions however they still keep faith in their personal religious beliefs and practices. While some feel that Americans are abandoning traditions of faith entirely, others feel that more and more families are instead blending traditions of faith instead as demonstrated in the baby blessing ceremony and other religious ceremonies.

Below are some ideas that many parents have incorporated into their own ceremonies for the blessing of their child.

  • Plant a tree to represent the spiritual and physical growth of your child
  • Have a guest book for all guests to sign and to leave a personal message for your child to read when he or she is older.
  • Ask special friends and/or relatives to write a special letter to the child to be opened on a special occasion such as their wedding day, graduation, important birthday milestone, etc.
  • Parents will sometimes baptize the child themselves with the help and guidance of the officiant conducting the baby blessing ceremony.
  • Light a candle to symbolize the light that will direct your child throughout his or her life’s journey
  • Parents will sometimes ask for guests to bring a gift for the baby, such as a lesson, poem, song, or prayer. Guests can be told to be as creative as they would like with their gift.
  • Parents will give their child a gift such as a pendent, bracelet or other type of jewelry.
  • The parents and siblings are blessed in addition to the baby and they confirm their responsibilities to the child.

The great thing about this type of ceremony is that parents, relatives and siblings can get as creative as they would like in creating a ceremony that is meaningful to them. Please contact us for a complimentary phone consultation and let’s discuss your requirements and the type of ceremony you wish to have.

Please allow Houston Minister Services to create a baby christening ceremony that you and your family will cherish forever. Please also continue to view other articles in our Minster Services blog for more information.

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