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Baby Baptism

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Baby baptism, or christening, is a special celebration enjoyed by people of all faiths. The meaning varies depending upon the religious beliefs or traditions of the parents. Since infants can not speak for themselves, the parents intercede on behalf of their child and pledge to raise them in the Christian community.

Families that are not associated with a specific religion may gather together for a naming ceremony, which is an informal celebration of new life. The baptismal ceremony offers a welcoming of new life into their spiritual world, with a gathering of family and friends.

How to plan a baby baptism

Decide upon  the baptism  location and number of guests. Do you want a formal religious ceremony? Depending upon your needs, a church ceremony may require reservations several weeks out. (you might even consider making arrangements in the last month before birth) If you are not currently affiliated with a specific church, who will say the baby blessing?

You should meet with the priest or minister selected to preside  over the service ahead of time. Discuss the readings and any personal rituals you wish to have included.

Select your child’s Godparents. Usually one male and one female are chosen to accept the responsibility of being part of your child’s life to provide support and guidance. Often Godparents are family members, but it is not required. Often, they stand with the parents and participate during the ceremony.

Anything goes for the celebratory party afterwards. Large and lavish, or small and intimate. The choice is yours.

Not sure where to start?
We will help you to create a service that you and your family will cherish forever. We welcome your creativity in making this ceremony the memorable experience that it should be. If you are in need of an officiant to conduct your baby blessing ceremony, christening, or naming ceremony, please contact us at Houston Minister Services .

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