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Remember Eternity

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I will bring near my deliverance swiftly, my salvation has gone out and my arms will rule the peoples; the coast lands wait for me, and for my arm they hope. (Isaiah 51.5)

Leslie Weatherhead, the great British pastor tell of a postal clerk in his country who handled the mail to Santa Claus.

The clerk was called the “Nixie Clerk” because he handled all the mail that was “nixed” because of an insufficient, inaccurate, or illegible address.

Here is a letter sent to Weatherhead by the “Nixie Clerk.” It reads:

“Last Christmas the letters began to pile in, as usual, addressed to Santa Claus. I suppose I get hundreds of letters every year.

“On Christmas Eve I was working late, and was very sad and lonely in my corner. There was a great rush at the windows and the office, and the malls were loaded with Christmas gifts and greetings. A merry crowd rushed through the corridors and laughter sounded all around, but a great shadow of sorrow rested over me and my eyes burned as I bent over my work. Finally the messenger brought me the last few “Nixies” of the day and laid them on my desk. I took up the first one mechanically. Attached to it was a note from Postman Number 34:

“This was given me by a little girl at 302 Walnut Street.”

“My body tingled when I read it, because that address was my own home! The envelope was a small one addressed to ‘Santa Clause, North Pole.’ I recognized my own little girl’s cramped writing…This is what she wrote:

Dear Santa Claus, “We are very sad at home this year, and I don’t want you to bring me anything. Little Charlie, my brother, went up to heaven last week, and all I want you to do when you come to my house is to take his toys to him. I will leave them in the corner by the chimney, his hobbyhorse and train and everything. He will be lost up in heaven without them, especially his horse. He always enjoyed riding it so much. So you just take them to him, and you needn’t mind leaving me anything.”

“If you could give Daddy something that would make him stop crying all the time, it would be the best thing you could do for me. I heard him tell mummy that only eternity could cure him. Could you give him some of that? Be sure to take the thing to Charlie and I will be your good little girl. Marion”

Could you give him a little eternity? We need from time to time a reminder of eternity‑‑that there is more than rocks and trees and houses and clothes and cars and even our physical bodies. Christmas is that reminder. Isaiah said people would rejoice because the glory of the Lord would be revealed. The world hungers to see that glory. For a moment, at least, in the star shining and the carols being sung and the love being expressed the world catches a glimpse of that glory.

Dear God, help me to see your glory in this season of hope. In Jesus name, Amen.

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