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Baby Baptism

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Baby baptism, or christening, is a special celebration enjoyed by people of all faiths. The meaning varies depending upon the religious beliefs or traditions of the parents. Since infants can not speak for themselves, the parents intercede on behalf of their child and pledge to raise them in the Christian community.

Families that are not associated with a specific religion may gather together for a naming ceremony, which is an informal celebration of new life. The baptismal ceremony offers a welcoming of new life into their spiritual world, with a gathering of family and friends.

How to plan a baby baptism

Decide upon  the baptism  location and number of guests. Do you want a formal religious ceremony? Depending upon your needs, a church ceremony may require reservations several weeks out. (you might even consider making arrangements in the last month before birth) If you are not currently affiliated with a specific church, who will say the baby blessing?

You should meet with the priest or minister selected to preside  over the service ahead of time. Discuss the readings and any personal rituals you wish to have included.

Select your child’s Godparents. Usually one male and one female are chosen to accept the responsibility of being part of your child’s life to provide support and guidance. Often Godparents are family members, but it is not required. Often, they stand with the parents and participate during the ceremony.

Anything goes for the celebratory party afterwards. Large and lavish, or small and intimate. The choice is yours.

Not sure where to start?
We will help you to create a service that you and your family will cherish forever. We welcome your creativity in making this ceremony the memorable experience that it should be. If you are in need of an officiant to conduct your baby blessing ceremony, christening, or naming ceremony, please contact us at Houston Minister Services .

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Funeral Customs

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Funeral customs vary among different countries and cultures, yet the focus remains unchanged; honoring the deceased and sharing memories with family and friends. In the United States the process frequently contains three parts; the visitation, the funeral service, and burial.

Visitation includes a gathering of family and friends and may include viewing of the body. Alternatively, photos are placed within the room without a viewing. The actual funeral services are either in family home, or church, where spiritual and personal stories are shared. The burial itself is held graveside with friends and family, or by personal request of the family only. Our friends in Europe and Canada hold very similar ceremonies.

Depending upon individual cultural backgrounds and beliefs there are differing memorial services. Someone from New Orleans may be honored with a Jazz Funeral, complete with music and dancing in celebration of the life of the departed. Several cultures believe a funeral wake shows great respect of the deceased with a party-like celebration of their life.

Funeral planning varies widely depending upon personal funeral customs passed down throughout the year. Personalized funerals are gaining popularity and there is less formality than in previous years. The importance of any funeral is the opportunity to gather together to honor the deceased and support one another in the passing of a friend. Less attention is paid to funeral etiquette with an increasing list of new funeral traditions added each year.

Whether you choose a ceremony steeped in traditional beliefs, or an informal gathering, all provide a sense of closure as we acknowledge the loss of someone dear to us. We are here to assist you in making a memorable tribute in a way that reflects the beliefs, the life and the wishes of your dearly departed. Working together, we customize the celebration of your loved one’s life.

If you find yourself in need of a minister to walk you through this difficult time in your life please call Houston Minister Services today at 713-208-2025.

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Welcome to the Houston Minister Services Blog.

Our site provides families in the greater Houston area with services to meet their spiritual needs including wedding ceremonies, funeral services, baby dedications and baptisms.

These days there are many families who are unaffiliated with a particular house of worship, some are of mixed faiths, and some practice their spirituality on a more individual basis. We offer a wide variety of services from traditional to non-traditional, as well as customized ceremonies to fulfill your requests. Let us customize your ceremony according to your beliefs values, and your faith.

The Houston Minister Services Blog includes information such as wedding checklists, wedding ceremony options, information on baptism and baby blessing ceremonies, funeral readings and poems as well as unique reception ideas. Additionally please browse through our photo gallery and our video gallery to see ceremonies we have had the privilege to officiate. You can also read more about what we do at Minister Services as well as contact us for a free phone consultation if you find yourself in need of our services.

The minister you choose will play a large part in shaping the overall dynamics of your ceremony and we would be honored to take part in this significant time in your life. We feel confident that our professionalism and compassion will enhance the quality of your ceremony.

We are happy to travel anywhere in the greater Houston area including Galveston, Katy, Pearland, Conroe, Spring, The Woodlands and Baytown. (Nationwide service also available) Whether your ceremony takes place at a formal location, beach park or private home, we can customize your ceremony to meet your needs.

Budget Concerns?
We provide Houston Minister Services to fit most budgets. We offer services of value that will fit your needs and that should fit your budget. You will find that our cost is comparable to other minister services in the greater Houston area.

You can read more about who we are in the about us section of the Houston Minister Services site. You can also call us at 713-208-2025. We would appreciate the chance to speak with you regarding your needs.

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Unity Sand Ceremony

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The Unity Sand Ceremony that occurs during wedding ceremonies is becoming more and more popular each day. As more families these days are blended, Wedding Officiants are adding this as a standard part of the wedding ceremony as a way to symbolize the creation of not only two hearts, but of a new family. Children often find it as a way to partake in the special day and parents find it is a great way to include their children and make them feel just as important as the wedding day itself.

The meaning of the Unity Sand Ceremony is the blending of the different colors of sand to represent the union of family. This ceremony was originally used in many beach weddings but now is used in weddings of all types including garden weddings, church weddings, and more. It is also seen as an alternative ceremony option to the unity candle ceremony for those weddings that are held outside. The unity candle can easily blow out in those weddings so the Unity Sand Ceremony serves as a safe and fun alternative.

Many believe that the sand ceremony began with the Hawaiians while others believe that this tradition began with the Native Americans. Either way, it is seen by many to be romantic and mystical. It is also seen as a great keepsake for couples and for families. You can find vases online that can be engraved with the date of the wedding as well as the names of the family members. the vase holding the sand can sit out on your mantle on display as a reminder of the wedding day and of the family commitment made. It also serves as a great way to keep that wedding date fresh in your mind!

If you decide to perform the sand ceremony there are a few things that you need to add to your wedding checklist. You will need to decide how much sand you will need and the different colors of sand that you will want to use. This can depend on how many people will be pouring the sand as well as the colors that you choose for your wedding. The amount of sand will also determine what you choose to pour it into. The volume will determine how big this vase must be. You don’t necessarily even have to use a vase. Some brides and grooms will use a large sea shell and pour from two smaller shells in order to be creative. It is completely your decision as this is a unique representation of your new family.

For more information on how to create the perfect wedding ceremony or if you are in need of a wedding officiant, please contact us at Minister Services.

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