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Funeral Arrangements

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Funeral Arrangements Information

Making funeral arrangements is a difficult process that involves financial decisions made during times of emotional stress. It can be hard to know where to start and where to gather the information that you need. In today’s article we provide guidance for those in need in hopes to relieve some of the stress and overwhelming feelings associated with planning a funeral or memorial service.

If someone that you know has passed on and you are the first to know, you should first dial 911 and report that someone has passed away. The police will come and will ask questions concerning the circumstances of the death. The body of the deceased will then be transferred to a funeral home or a medical examiner depending upon the circumstances. In either event, a physician is needed to determine the cause of death and will also need to sign a death certificate.

The next step is to begin contacting close relatives. Relatives will at times want to say their goodbyes to the deceased in their home and they may need to be involved in planning the funeral services and the funeral arrangements. Of course you should exercise great care and sensitivity when making these phone calls since you may not know what kind of reaction you may receive.

If you are the person responsible for making the funeral arrangements yourself you will need to be sure to get copies of the death certificate. This is needed in order to freeze bank accounts and credit cards of the deceased as well as perform other needed legal arrangements.

Funerals take a lot of careful planning and quick decisions and the family will need to know what do to with the remains of the deceased. This will need to be decided once the body of the deceased goes to the funeral home. The deceased may have left his or her wishes as to what they would like as it pertains to burial or cremation.

Additional details that may need to be addressed include the type of memorial service that you will have for the deceased as well as whether or not there will be a wake the day before the actual funeral services take place. Throughout all of the planning you may find that you are also responsible for delivery of the eulogy. This is a very important part of the service and requires some quiet time on your part to reflect on the life of the deceased.

If you find yourself in need of a minister to walk you through this difficult time in your life please contact us at 713-208-2025 for a complimentary phone consultation. Together we can find the right words to create a fitting tribute to your loved one.

Please allow Minister Services to walk you through this difficult time in your life. You may also view other articles in our Minister Services blog for more helpful information.


Naming Ceremony

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Naming Ceremony for Babies

There are many different cultures and religions as well as families who may be interested in conducting non-religious ceremonies to celebrate the birth of a child. Some families are religious however they may not be affiliated with a particular house of worship. Regardless, the birth of a baby is a cause for celebration and many families decide to have a naming ceremony for their child instead of or in addition to the more traditional baptism.

This type of baptismal like ceremony is growing in popularity and is often held at the home of the new parents. Some parents may choose to conduct the ceremony somewhere else including a park or any other venue that can accommodate their guests. During the ceremony the parents will typically make promises to support their child and to take interest in their child’s future. God parents and other close family members or friends will also make promises to the child as well. These promises are often made as statements led by an officiant who conducts the ceremony. This ceremony is either held instead of a baby christening ceremony or in addition to a more formal ceremony of that nature.

Many families will include readings in the naming ceremony that are often a mixture of religious and non-religious readings. Many read favorite poems, self-written poems or promises, as well as popular hymns or songs. Some choose to read passages from the bible or from literary sources. This part is really open and completely up to the parents and family of the child.

Many choose to invite only family and close friends while others opt to invite everyone they know. It really depends on the type of event. The most important people that you can invite however are those who will take part in the ceremony and who will play an integral part in your child’s life. Additionally many families will provide a guest book for their guests when they arrive. Guests are asked to write a message or words of advice for the child to read once he or she is older. This is a great way to commemorate you and your child’s special day.

Please contact us at 713-208-2025 for a complimentary phone consultation and let’s discuss your requirements and the type of ceremony you wish to have. You can also read more about who we are in the about us section of this site. Please allow Minister Services to create a naming ceremony that you and your family will cherish forever. Please also continue to view other articles in our Minster Services blog for more information.


Wedding Day

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Wedding Day Checklist

So you have been planning for months and the big day is finally here! You are getting married and you have various items that you must be sure you have for the day to go smoothly. Below we provide a wedding day checklist that should cover all of those important yet tedious items that you will need for the wedding ceremony, the reception, and so that you are prepared to leave for your honeymoon.

Wedding Day Checklist

  • Gown and Veil
  • Shoes, hosiery, undergarments
  • Something old, borrowed, new, and blue
  • Jewelry
  • Gloves
  • Purse
  • Make-up
  • Perfume
  • Nail polish and manicure kit
  • Outfit for bride and groom if changing after reception
  • Beverages and snacks for wedding party
  • Place cards
  • Gifts for the wedding party and parents, children, etc.
  • Sign in wedding book and pen
  • Groom’s attire (tux, shoes, lapels, socks, undergarments)
  • Grooming kit for groom (hair products, deodorant, essentials)
  • Emergency kit (including items such as aspirin, needle and thread, deodorant, nail polish remover, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Hair items (such as curling iron, hair pins, blow dryer, hair spray, or hair ornaments)
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and breath mints
  • Handkerchief
  • Wedding Day Programs
  • Wedding favors
  • Bubbles, rice, or sparklers for after the reception
  • Disposable cameras for tables
  • Toasting glasses, cake knife and server
  • Printed schedule for the wedding party of the wedding day events
  • Unity candles or sand vases and sand for sand ceremony for beach weddings (this depends on your ceremony options)
  • Written toasts
  • Marriage license to give to wedding officiant
  • Wedding rings
  • Ring bearer’s pillow
  • Flower girl basket
  • Copy of any written vows or readings
  • Travel tickets and passports
  • Suitcases packed and ready-to-go

This list should cover what most wedding ceremonies and receptions require however you most likely will not need everything on this list. Of course there may also be items on this list for those wedding ideas that are unique to your wedding day. Many of the items will be taken care of by the wedding party, parents, and vendors, however it is still nice to have a list to use for reference and for your sanity! Many brides will suggest that you have the items listed above packed and ready-to-to before the big day. Check and re-check that the items are in fact packed before closing or securing the boxes.

For more information on how to create the perfect wedding ceremony or if you are in need of a wedding officiant, please contact us at Minister Services or continue to view other articles in our Minster Services blog.

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